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Information on Paralysis

The general belief that paralytic stroke are confined to elderly only, is not correct. The occurrence is irrespective of age factor.

Diseases of the Nervous System in human being are known since ancient times. The Nervous system consists of brain consisting of grey and white matter, nervous system of motor and sensory pathways and cranial nerves. These are 12 cranial nerves emerging from the brain. Any disease caused by virus and bacteria or circulatory deficiency can damage the brain, its coverings, meninges and the nerves, finally it causes paralysis. The brain is divided into two identical halves i.e., right and left and the hind brain is called cerebellum.

  • Motor Paralysis causes Hemi-plegia and similarly sensory paralysis also causes anaesthesis of half the body. Commonly occurring Cranial Nerves paralysis can damage eyes, vision and half of the face i.e., facial paralysis.
  • The causes of Hemi-plegia are high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and atheroma i.e. blood clot, fatty deposits in the blood vessels.
  • Others causes of Paralysis of the body are Metastasis (Cancer) and hemorrhage.Cerebral insufficiency to the cerebellum causes balancing disorder dysarthria and ataxia.
  • Parkinson’s disease occurs in elderly due to basal ganglion disease in brain.Spinal cord is an extension of the brain in the vertebral column and these diseases may cause Paraplegia i.e., paralysis of both the lower limbs or upper limbs and bladder disorders.
  • Autonomic Nervous System is the system, which works on its own. Diseases of Autonomic Nervous System cause symptoms and signs of intestinal disorders.

  1. CAT Scan of Brain
  2. L.P. CSF
  3. Blood test for lipids
  4. Blood Sugar
  5. MRI & X-Ray
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