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Hypertension - Doís and Dont's

Patients having hypertension must make moderation in everything the corner stone of their lives and they can help themselves much more by following the Doís & Doníts than by taking the inevitable prescribed drugs throughout their lives.

Hypertension - Doís and Doníts
  • Avoid stress and strain.
  • Have satisfaction with what you have.
  • Adjust yourself with the fact of suffering from an incurable but controllable disease of hypertension and change your life style accordingly and cultivate moderate habits.
  • Have peace of mind and do not allow yourself to be upset, and try not to get angry or emotional even when circumstances lead to them.
  • Stop consumption of alcohol.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Stop eating tobacco.
  • Reduce salt.
  • Reduce weight.
  • Exercise everyday as per physician advice.
  • Meditation reduces tension and creates peace of mind and there by is helpful in reducing high blood pressure.
  • Some yogic exercises also help in reducing hypertension.
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