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Reasons for Acne

What is Acne?

Acne which is commonly known as pimples or zits is a condition wherein the skin gets inflamed. It is a result of changes that have occurred in the skin structure and the sebaceous gland. The common cause observed for Acne is malfunctioning of the skin glands as a result of the follicles being blocked. The sebum glands get enlarged and due to excess production of sebum the skin becomes prone to infections. The infection is not restricted to the surface alone (seen in the form of pimples) but moves deeper down into the different layers of the skin and is then known as pistules (under the skin surface).

Symptoms Experienced

The patients suffering from Acne experience symptoms like:
  • Itching
  • Swelling and discomfort
  • Redness
Do not try to break open the pimples with your fingers, this will only worsen the infection and also leave a scar. Acne is a commonly observed condition during adolescence or puberty but is not restricted to this phase alone. For most of the lucky one, the condition improves with time and some of them totally get over it. Some others however, continue to experience the discomfort of this infection all through. Adult Acne is also a condition experienced by many adults.

The Reasons for Acne

Some factors that may be attributed to be the cause of the condition called acne are:
  • Hereditary
  • Stress factor
  • Change in hormone levels like during puberty or menopause
  • As a result of the reaction of some particular type of medication
The most widely seen type of acne is termed “acne vulgaris” which means “common acne”. Acne most commonly affects the face but other parts like the back, neck and the chest may also experience acne. There are several myths that acne is a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and diet, although there is no scientific evidence to actually prove this.

There are several medicated creams and lotions that are available today for the treatment of acne. Some antibiotic based creams and oral tablets can make a major difference in improving the condition of acne. There are several modes of treatment like the laser treatment and cortisone that can reduce the severity of the condition for the time being but these modes of treatment cannot really completely cure the condition. Hormonal treatment is another mode of treatment used in the case of women.

Acne can be rather troublesome physically what with all the itching, swelling and redness but the problems caused by acne are not limited to only physical symptoms. Acne can lead to psychological problems and be very distressing mentally and emotionally. It can lead to psychological problems like low self esteem and a low sense of self worth which can in turn lead to serious consequences. The Acne Treatment is rather slow and so the patient needs to have a lot of patience and also faith in the practitioner.

Acne Scars
Acne Treatment
Adult Acne
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By: Anne Date Added: Saturday 19 May, 2012
I'm 12 yrs old and i have acne. I live in Australia. Acne really destroys my confidence when i go to school. My mum is gonna try giving me ProActiv..hope it works!

By: paki Date Added: Wednesday 23 March, 2011
i have alot of acnes on ma face ,back n chest n sometimes in ma eyelids so wierd i cant take antibiotics coz it makes me sick dont knw wat 2 do:(???